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Q: How do I become an affiliate and earn money from the sales I drive through A: Becoming an affiliate is easy and FREE. works with LinkShare, a leader in affiliate marketing programs, to make it easy for you to be an affiliate. By signing up for the Affiliates Program on the LinkShare site, you can manage your program, view reports relating to activity on your site, and receive updates on the Affiliates Program through a private login on LinkShare's network. LinkShare does all the tracking and gives you up-to-date reports on the referral fees you've earned. Start earning more from your web site today. Click Here to Join After signing up with LinkShare use the "affiliateId" parameter to pass your affiliate code to the API. All links will be updated to track the sales you drive and you will receive a monthly check from LinkShare! When you sign up with LinkShare you will see the specifics of payments.

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