Public API

The API will be built using REST principles. The URL to the API will be broken down as follows:

The current release is beta. The URL to this release is:

Parameter Description Example
apikey The key given to the developer that is requesting the resource. 3scale-F92B6F756B784DB88EE29EB2BFA054C0
version The version of the API to use. Allows us to have multiple live versions running at the same time.
Current release is beta.
format Determines the return format. Supported values are: XML and JSON
resource The resource being requested. Supported values are: catalog, reference, and catalogmap
parameters The various resource parameters that are required to render the results.
affiliateId Optional parameter for affiliates.  

At this point in time, all requests will be made using GET requests. When features that require updates are implemented, POST requests will then be implemented.

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