Public API API Terms of Use

The API is freely available to registered and permitted users for most uses, both commercial and non-commercial.

All users are signed up for “Developer” plan by default, with limited access to data and a limit of 1,000 calls per day. To request an evaluation to receive full access to the data within the API and additional call per day please send your user name and an active URL or screenshots of your proposed use to We want people to use our API, and most people will be given “Premium” access for free once we have reviewed your plans to use the data. reserves the right to block and disable any user of the API service for any reason we see fit - this includes abusing the terms and conditions, infringing on principles or generating unnecessary load to the service and therefore effecting others. requires that anything built using API contains attribution to to appear on your service as well as link backs to the original content on Any archive built during the use of the API service is required to be deleted once you have finished using the service or if you account is terminated.

You agree, and grants you a license, to implement the name, logo(s), and links to (the " Brand & Links") on any Web page incorporating the API and/or Data, in accordance with the API Network Branding Requirements. You shall not tag links to hereunder with a "nofollow" attribute or otherwise prevent or discourage search engines from following or scoring the link. Click here for logos and links.

Republication or redistribution of content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of and the Wineguy logo are registered trademarks. reserves the right to update and change these Terms and Conditions and all the documents included by reference. may also change the Terms and Conditions and all the documents referenced without notifying you.

You agree to keep your API key confidential, and not to share it with any third party. This license is personal to you, and any affiliates must seek and obtain their own license and API key.

You may present Data only on a transactional basis. You will not permit your users to access the Data in bulk.

You may not separately extract and provide or otherwise use data elements from the Data to enhance the data files of third parties.

You further agree not to otherwise reproduce, modify, distribute, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any portion of the API or any data provided by

You may not use the Data to provide a service for other businesses.

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