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29 Sep, 2009 05:48PM

Anonymous User

We have received a few questions about <b>using the API for commercial purposes</b> and this thread will address them.

Q: Can I use the API for commercial purposes?
A: Yes, please do! As long as you follow our terms of service, including linking to the appropriate page and following our branding guidelines you are free to use the API for commercial purposes.

Q: How do I become an affiliate and earn money from the sales I drive through
A: Becoming an affiliate is easy and FREE. works with LinkShare, a leader in affiliate marketing programs, to make it easy for you to be an affiliate. By signing up for the Affiliates Program on the LinkShare site, you can manage your program, view reports relating to activity on your site, and receive updates on the Affiliates Program through a private login on LinkShare’s network. LinkShare does all the tracking and gives you up-to-date reports on the referral fees you’ve earned. Start earning more from your web site today.

Click Here to Join

After signing up with LinkShare use the affiliateId parameter to pass your affiliate code to the API. All links will be updated to track the sales you drive and you will receive a monthly check from LinkShare! When you sign up with LinkShare you will see the specifics of payments.

Q: My application is mainly for mobile users, can your site handle transactions made on a mobile phone?
A: Yes, our site can handle transactions made through an iPhone and some other mobile devices. We are working towards a mobile site and cart which will make it even easier for people to buy from while on the go.

15 Oct, 2009 06:56PM

Anonymous User

how do we get “approved” from link share without a web site? I am interested in using the api to develop mobile applications not generating referrals from a web site, yet the approval process requires review of a web site.


15 Oct, 2009 08:16PM


How do we create a seamless buying experience on mobile devices? I want to show wines from and have a buy button. Are there any plans to allow direct purchasing from within our apps?

16 Oct, 2009 10:19PM

Anonymous User

Mark D – You should be able to do it without a website, please try and email me ( if it doesn’t work.

Thera20 – Yes, we are working on that but it will be a bit! Mobile product detail pages and cart are also in the works

18 Jan, 2010 03:00AM

Anonymous User

I have two iPhone applications which use the Linkshare links and information. It’s great to hear a mobile purchasing pages are coming!


27 Jun, 2010 09:38PM


Picking up on this thread – are mobile pages and cart ready and can be used?


21 Sep, 2010 12:03AM

Frank Tahmasebi-Shaw

Hi I’m also interested in the mobile thread, any updates seamless purchase etc?


21 Sep, 2010 10:58AM

Mark Powers

Can someone share how they are using the API? We just signed up and would like to see a live URL or screen shots if possible. Thank you.


7 Oct, 2010 02:12AM


We would also really like some mobile pages.


12 Nov, 2010 05:25PM

Todd Messer

Hello Everyone,

My name is Todd and we are in the dev stage of a site called and
we are so so so close to done.

We have built an interface that uses the API to search and then put their contentent
into our database so that we are not constantly hitting their server. However, it appears that
our server has been blocked and can no longer get to the API. Has anyone else had this issue?
IT was working until like two days ago and then yesterday no go anymore….anyone please help…


8 Dec, 2010 06:15AM

Anonymous User

I just applied for a LinkShare account, got accepted, but when I tried to apply for a affiliate account, it said, “Your application to this program has not been processed. This merchant has established certain criteria for affiliates applying to their program. Unfortunately, your site does not meet one or more of these criteria. For more specific approval information, please refer to the merchant’s application criteria.” Help? The only thing I can think of is that I categorized the mobile app I am developing as “Adult” since it is dealing with alcohol. Is this the issue?


10 Jun, 2011 01:47PM

Anonymous User

We are developing a mobile information app and would love to include wine information & purchasing links through Our app will work on iPhone and Android. Having some mobile support would be incredibly useful – is there any news on this?

Thanks, Laura


14 Jun, 2011 04:23PM

Jesse Ash

I would like to use the Wine API’s. Can some one please explain how exactly to download the API’s? I know nothing about REST-where to download and how to implement it whether it be in the browser or the command prompt.

17 Jul, 2011 03:41AM

Anonymous User

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22 Jul, 2011 12:50AM

Anonymous User

hmmm ok guess I’ll buy a flashlight with my wine :p


20 Apr, 2012 10:39AM

priyanka liekha

I want to use API as a premium user, I have mailed several times its been 2 months and still no response I am getting how to make my api key as premium..Please help!!


17 Jul, 2012 05:44PM

Russell Bograd

Priyanka did you ever get a response? I’ve been emailing too and getting nothing back.


6 Feb, 2015 10:20AM


How can we integrate these api’s to Android app, I will be using Wine api’s to <a href= “”>Groupon Clone</a>

please advice tutorial for android devices


6 Oct, 2016 07:11AM


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